Birthday gift for a friend: the best present for your bestie

Birthday gift for a friend: the best present for your bestie

What Awesome Gifts to Give to your Best Friend for their Birthday?

Finding an unforgettable birthday gift for a friend is no easy feat! This is because you won’t give your BFF just any old present! Since this person is so important to you, it makes sense that you’ll want to find the perfect thing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ideas based on various personality types to help you on your quest!

A Birthday Gift for a Friend… Who Is Creative

A creative friend is easy to shop for, because they can get inspired by so many things! Don’t hesitate to spoil them with a beautiful box of colored pencils or paint if they’re always running out of supplies, or with a gorgeous notebook. Anything personalized will also work wonders, especially if you can add a twist. Our choice of a birthday gift for a friend who loves to create is a set of your best pictures turned 3D jigsaw puzzle!

… Who Loves Nature

It’s so easy to make a nature lover happy! Carving time out of your busy schedule to go on a camping trip with them would, in itself, be the most wonderful present. You could also get them a brand new backpack for their excursions, a handy Swiss-army knife, or anything they may have hinted at that would make their outdoor experiences even more amazing. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to receive a coffee table book featuring their favorite natural wonders. Our pick: one of our large 3D tiles! Choose a picture of yourself, your friend or the both of you together in front of a jaw-dropping background for the most awesome effect.

… Who’s a Fitness Freak

Your bestie is all about running, rock climbing or yoga? Go with it! Sports apparel comes in a variety of types to fit any budget, and you’ll be certain to hit the mark. A bag to carry all their essentials works every time, too. Tech is also a fantastic choice, especially if they love listening to music while practicing. As it’s a birthday gift for a friend, be sure to take their favorite color and style into account.

… Who Is a Complete Geek

Speaking of tech, it definitely makes for a great present for, well, techies! Anything computer-related should be the ideal birthday gift for a friend who is so passionate. Pay attention to the video games they’re always raving about and look for some that are similar (and that they may not already have!) Alternatively, a gaming mouse or keyboard would be perfect.

… Who Loves Food

There are so many choices for foodies! For starters (excuse the pun!), a delicious meal at a fancy – or quirky – restaurant would surely be appreciated. You could even take photos of the occasion and have them printed in 3D for a fun and original memento. Actual food gifts come in a wide number of shapes and sizes, in the form of hampers or unusually packaged items. You could also create your own arrangement with all their most favorite treats.

… Who Wants Nothing at All

Whether they already have it all, or are of the minimalist persuasion, there is still always a birthday gift for a friend who wants none. What they often mean by “nothing” is nothing material. Which is not to say that you can’t go all out on an unforgettable trip, take them to see a movie they’re sure to enjoy or cook them the most scrumptious dinner. As their BFF, you know exactly what makes them happy, so don’t doubt yourself! Let your own inspiration guide you and they’ll recognize just how wonderful it is to have you as a friend.