Decoration ideas: how to make your interior pop?

Decoration ideas: how to make your interior pop?

How to Energize your Decoration with Simple Ideas?

Do you need some simple decoration ideas to make your interior pop? We’ve got you covered! For those who like to keep their personalized touches trendy, fresh and fun, there are many options to choose from. And they don’t have to be expensive either for the result to be amazing. Here’s our selection to inspire you.

Green It Up

Is there anything more Insta-worthy than a lush-looking urban jungle-type apartment? We don’t think so! From tiny and cheap succulents to imposing monsteras, low-maintenance spider plants, quirky begonias and elegant snake plants or orchids, there’s something there for everyone. Purchase them online or ask your friends for some cuttings and you’ll have yourself a superb-looking collection in no time.

Arrange your plant babies around your living space based on their particular needs or search for some plant-centric decoration ideas on Pinterest and you’ll be sure to find the perfect style for your own, unique look.

Don’t Forget to Smile

As decoration ideas go, photos rank high on the list. That’s because they are so versatile and completely personal. If you love being reminded of all your happy moments with your friends and family, you can opt for single frames and disseminate pictures all over the house for a little extra pep wherever it’s needed. With Pops’ 3D photo frames, collages and magnets, you can include your best pics anywhere you like and even create series to bring out the style of a particular room.

Food photos in the kitchen, landscapes and nature in the bathroom, cheery occasions in the sitting room, tender memories in the bedroom: it’s just a question of letting inspiration take you and to design a décor that is truly “you”.

Let Your Inner Artist Shine

Everyone is creative in their own way, and some of the best decoration ideas include handmade wonders and other artistic marvels. Whether you are a fan of macramé, finger painting, pottery, wood carving, collages or any other crafts, featuring your very own works in your home is sure to promote a completely unique, inimitable energy. You could let your inner inspiration guide you or go to a class for some advice, but the result will always be something you truly love and feel proud of. Plus, every time someone comes to visit, they will ask you where you got that stupendous piece and you’ll get to prove to them just how talented you are.

A Bit of Color

Decoration ideas can also be as simple as a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant hue, reupholstering your couch to make it trendier or even changing your bed linens for something more energetic. Use a palette that resonates with you and get to work. Don’t hesitate to add a few props in the form of a new lamp, a coffee table or a nice rug for some subtle accents. The stores are full for inexpensive options. If you’d like slightly more upscale alternatives, however, look for second-hand items. You’ll get more bang for your buck purchasing something used, but it will still look amazing. Plus, it’s much more sustainable than buying new: the planet will thank you!


If the project of finding decoration ideas for your entire home feels like too much, don’t hesitate to start with just one room and to proceed gradually. This will give you a chance to really think about how you want to spruce up each space and to make the most of it. On that note, look at every object you own and see if you absolutely love its current home or if it might look even better somewhere else. Sometimes, bringing something you already have to a different spot simply changes everything!