Decoration: use photos to spruce up your home!

Decoration: use photos to spruce up your home!

What Are the Best Ways to Add Pictures to Your Decoration?

There’s something about photographs that makes them absolutely amazing when it comes to decoration. Perhaps it’s the fact that each one is so completely unique, perhaps it’s because they’re so personal, or maybe it’s surrounding ourselves with loving faces and happy memories. Whatever makes you gravitate towards pictures, there are ways to integrate even more of them all around your home!


Single Frames

The simplest and perhaps most underrated way to integrate photos in your decoration is to display standalone frames, either on the walls or atop your furniture. Fuss-free, easy to swap out and available in a variety of sizes and finishes, these are a great option if you enjoy changing your ornamental touches often. Those who live in a rental and aren’t allowed to pin anything to the walls can also rely on this tried and true solution.


Photo Wall

Perfect for those who either have large pictures or a huge collection of photos they absolutely love to the point of wanting to display them all, a photo wall has an incredible potential when done right. You could go for a very minimalistic look using four frames or canvases of similar-themed pictures. Alternatively, you could practically construct an entire mosaic out of all your best pics for a completely “photocentric” feel.


Fridge Decoration

Why only focus on the decoration of your living room and bedroom? The kitchen is, without a doubt, a convivial place where a little personalization goes a long way. The big, blank space that is your fridge, for instance, creates the perfect backdrop for a lovely collage. Our 3D pictures even come as magnets to help you get creative with your fridge or any other metal surface. And the best about it is that you can literally rearrange your photos every single day if you like!


Think Outside the Box

Those who are particularly creative will find that photographs are an invitation to bring their ideas to life. Depending on the circumstances, you could experiment with a wide array of options!

For a special event, you could tie strings to balloons and hang a picture at the other end, forming an incredible flying décor! In a similar fashion, having strings, rope or better yet, fairy lights run along your walls gives you the perfect medium to showcase your smaller pictures.

Treasure maps are another great suggestion to add a more personal touch to your decoration. Pin photos of your trip along the way to place your memories within that space.

Old family pictures deserve a place of choice in your home. To modernize the look, slip them into mismatched glass jars and bottles which you can garnish with flowers or just keep around your home.

Even leaving a beautiful photo album on the coffee table for everyone to see counts as a nice way to decorate using pictures.


Think Big

Sometimes, one huge picture is worth more than half a dozen small frames. In that case, let it be a statement piece! Why not stage a quirky family picture if you don’t happen to already have one? If you decide to use a portrait, go for an attractively unique expression on the subject’s face, a gust of wind in their hair, an intriguing reflection in their glasses, a trick of the light… Don’t hesitate to play with the colors (think pop art!) and textures. 3D photos are an especially interesting choice here because they create movement and breathe life into the subjects which practically pop out of the frame! You could also favor a gorgeous black and white piece for the classiest look.