DIY games for children – a great activity to beat boredom

DIY games for children – a great activity to beat boredom

How to Build your Own Games to Keep Your Children Busy?

Boredom is the most common cause of misbehavior in children who can’t be expected to remain perfectly quiet when they’re stuck indoors with nothing to do. They will eventually lose interest even their most favorite games and toys after playing with them for long enough.

Fortunately, DIY games provide two opportunities to have fun. Creating them can be a great game for children in and of itself, and then they get to play with the final result! Following these few simple steps will allow you to keep your kids busy for hours on end!

1 – Choose your DIY game

When it comes to DIY games for children, there are many options. Of course, their imagination alone can sometimes be enough to come up with a really cool idea but steering them in the right direction is also allowed! For example, they may decide that they want to create a game using their favorite photos of their friends.

You could then suggest matching pairs (the perfect game for children who are still very young). The goal could be to simply find two pictures of the same person among several placed on a table. If they’re a little older, you could turn all the pictures over and only turn two of them right side up at a time. You will then put them back down if they’re not a pair, keeping them if they are, and so on until you run out.

Photos can also become jigsaw puzzles! A great DIY game everyone will enjoy. Other ideas include creating a full-fledged board game, either by making up the rules or by recreating one that already exists.

2 – Gather your Materials and Equipment

Once the kids have decided exactly what they want to create, now is the time to look at how you can make it come to life. Our photo magnets and mini prints are the right size and shape for a variety of projects. Part of the plan could be to select (or even to stage and shoot!) all the pictures you’re going to need and to order them online.

For instant gratification, look at what you already have and, if necessary, adjust the scope of your DIY game project slightly. Your house could contain a wealth of unused objects, pictures, materials, and equipment to design a great game for children. Time to bust out the felt-tip pens, the paint, the scissors, and – why not – even to make the salt dough to create board game tokens.

3 – Get Creating

Now that you have everything you need and your materials have given you and the kids even more inspiration, you can get crafting. Even if you have a set plan for what you want to create, try to let this phase be an actual game too. It’s not that easy for kids to keep their attention focused on an end goal, so let them enjoy the moment. However, if they seem to get side-tracked, you can always ask them if they still want to make that DIY game to have something new to play with at the end. Don’t hesitate to give them a hand and to show them how to follow the instructions to craft a project they’ll be proud of.

4 – Time to Play!

No game for children can beat a DIY game. The feeling of accomplishment kids get from finally playing with something they put so much thought and effort into is very rewarding. Once everyone is done playing, make sure all the pieces are put back where they belong. You could create a special box just to keep your DIY game in! Another opportunity to encourage the kids to craft their own things and to value them even more.