Father’s Day gifts: personalize your presents with pictures!

Father’s Day gifts: personalize your presents with pictures!

Make Unique Father’s Day Gifts With Your Children’s Pictures

Finding amazing ideas for Father’s Day gifts every single year may sound a little challenging! Yet, as children get older, more and more opportunities to come up with something completely unique arise and you can draw inspiration from all the activities they enjoy with their Dad and all the happy moments they’ve shared. Pictures are one of the best ways to harness that joy, and they lend themselves to the most wonderful creations.

Father’s Day Gift Cards

An oldie but a goodie, cards make for a traditional and always appreciated Father’s Day gift. Of course, the twist here is that the card in question features pictures of the kids! Depending on your (and their) preference, you could give Dad one card from each child or a single one to which they all participate. 3D photos are an especially cool touch, and you could even have them pose to make the result even more fun. They could be holding signs that tell him just how important he is to them, wear his clothes to show what an inspiration he is, use their own shadows for interesting perspectives, and so much more!

Photo Collages and Frames

There’s something really special about a Father’s Day gift Dad can hang somewhere he spends a lot of time or at work. Sweet yet original, you can make one using the same ideas as you would for a card or focus on telling a story, from one picture to the next. This type of project is particularly well suited to larger families, where each kid can have their own space to shine. Go for a color scheme or a theme you know he’s going to love and have the children strike the perfect pose. And why not let them decorate the frame too? They could use stickers, pens and even paint to make that frame super extraordinary.

Photo Albums

As Father’s Day Gifts go, photo albums go one step beyond! You could create a traditional one by starting with baby pictures and working on a timeline, including the most precious moments they’ve had together. You could also snap a completely new set of photos to create a more unique result. The kids will love dressing up and contributing their acting talents, so don’t hesitate to have them make a game of it and come up with their own narrative in which Dad is the hero. And, if you really enjoyed it, you could make a new album every year to continue the story!

Fun Objects

Why think of pictures only as two-dimensional? 3D pictures are a great twist on the more customary Father’s Day gifts and Pops gives you the option to create amazing sets of magnets so Dad can enjoy his photos anywhere. Other possibilities include mugs and tee-shirts, but did you know that you can even have beer or soda bottles personalized, as well as coasters, keychains, money clips, phone cases, golf balls and almost anything under the sun? It may seem somewhat less personal than putting it together yourself but, if you are pressed for time, such gifts make for sweet and practical intentions. Finally, you could have a set of 3D photos turned into a jigsaw puzzle! This unexpected item is a wonderful way to relive those precious moments again and again, every time Dad and the kids put the pieces together.


With all these great ideas, you should be all set! But remember that what matters the most is the love we share. Giving Dad a small token of their love is an amazing thing that children truly enjoy, yet what he will always prefer above all else is to see just how much they care and want to spend time with him.