How to manage Coronavirus lockdown away from those you love?

How to manage Coronavirus lockdown away from those you love?

Coronavirus: 4 Tips to Deal with Confinement Away from your Loved Ones

In the midst of such harrowing times, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the situation, particularly as lockdowns continue to be implemented all around the world. For some, this also means having to deal with confinements away from those we love in an effort to eradicate Coronavirus. While absolutely necessary, such measures can start to take a toll if we don’t try and make it easier on ourselves and on one another.

Here are a few tips you could apply to make your quarantine time a little more manageable.

Follow the Rules and Stay Safe

That’s what your loved ones want for you! The first and best advice anyone could give those they care about is to make sure they don’t put themselves and others in danger by not following the authorities’ instructions to the letter. Depending on where you are located, these may vary slightly, but know that it is always preferable to err on the side of caution and to practice social distancing to the best of our ability. The evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic depends on it.

Every time you do come into contact with a person or object outside of your home, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and to disinfect surfaces a little more than usual. Part of our responsibility during these trying times is also to support those we love and to remind them to look after themselves too. If everyone looks out for others and contributes to creating a strong support system, we can all participate in bringing the crisis to an end.

Keep Busy

Missing the people we love when we can’t see them in person for days – or possibly weeks – at a time is perfectly natural. But dwelling on this fact only makes the days feel slower and longer. Alternatively, why not take this opportunity to keep yourself occupied at home? While some may be able to carry on with their work remotely, others may instead focus on practicing activities that they particularly enjoy. Reading, catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite series, playing video games or exercising are all great options. More creative hobbies (painting, playing an instrument, gardening, cooking, etc.) also have the