Lockdown: Spruce up your home decoration easily and for cheap

Lockdown: Spruce up your home decoration easily and for cheap

How to Easily Redecorate Your Home During Lockdown?

Wanting to get creative with home decoration during lockdown is both very understandable (we’re having to spend all of our time at home, after all) and a little challenging. The fact is that, with limited access to stores, completely overhauling your interior design may pose certain complications.

Which doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to personalize your space and give it a different vibe! Here are a few ideas.

Crafts and DIY

Nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of having created something yourself (hello, homemade bread!). Even during the lockdown, you will be able to at least look through your cupboards to make your own home decoration items, we guarantee it!

Painting projects are a great example, even if you only have one or two colors. You could revamp an old flowerpot and use it to house your favorite plant. And, speaking of which, have you tried making cuttings out of your existing plants? Keep them in a vase or a jar full of water where they will grow roots and decorate your shelves until you decide to repot them. Similarly, macramé is all the rage and you’ll have no difficulty finding a tutorial to help you create a pretty, boho pot hanger. The same concept also makes for the loveliest wall-hanging projects.

Pictures and Photos

Pictures and photos are the quickest and easiest way to spruce up your home decoration, even during the lockdown. If you already have pics you love, pin them to the wall. You could craft a fun photo collage using a piece of cardboard, a plank of wood, etc. If not, ordering 3D pictures online from POPS is still possible if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for your photos to arrive. You can then arrange your new pictures around your house or apartment, or all over your fridge if you opt for our cool 3D magnets!

Sometimes, a nice image found in a magazine or printed out from a simple online search can create a whole new atmosphere in a room. Don’t hesitate to frame your new wall art: it will transform your space.

Move and Changes Things Around

If you prefer working only with what you already have, moving your home decoration or even all your furniture around will change everything about your interior. As you are now spending all day at home, rethinking your space may be quite necessary. If you need to carve out a little office area, why not make it fun and personal? Find a table you can use as a desk and place it somewhere quiet and with as much natural light as possible. You can then make your office corner yours by adding photos of your friends and loved ones wherever you like. Spending more time inside also means your living area could benefit from being cozier. Bring out extra pillows and throws to make your couch more inviting, take out your candles and light them to make the atmosphere bright and lively, etc.

Don’t Overthink It

Of course, home decoration is important and can make you feel better in your own interior. However, don’t forget that lockdown should also be an invitation to be less hard on ourselves, and that includes tolerating not having the most magazine-worthy home. Have fun, and make decorating a pleasant activity, but don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t much. It’s very easy to want to do more than we normally would have time to just because we’re cooped up inside, yet that doesn’t mean we have to. It’s just about asking ourselves if we can make the whole lockdown experience a little nicer!