Mother’s Day Gift: treat your Mom to something special

Mother’s Day Gift: treat your Mom to something special

The Perfect Personalized Gift for Mother’s Day

With Spring around the corner, Mother’s Day gifts are now on everyone’s mind. Interesting ideas seem to pop up every which way, but when comes the moment to make your choice, you’ll want to find something that truly feels memorable. To celebrate motherhood with a gift she will really appreciate, personalized items are simply perfect. They’re a lovely reminder of just how much your Mom means to you. Here are our top picks!

Personalized Photo Prints

You may think we’re being partial but hear us out! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate that special bond and, for a Mom, receiving pictures of her beloved children is as lovely attention as it gets. 3D prints are a particularly cool alternative and bring this Mother’s Day gift to the next level. You may opt for small, wallet-sized prints she can take with her everywhere she goes. For the house, large tiles are ideal if she enjoys displaying photos in the sitting room. 3D photo magnets are so much fun is she prefers to decorate the fridge with reminders of all your best family moments. If you’re feeling especially creative, don’t hesitate to order some photos and to create a beautiful album or collage.

Quick and easy to order, you can have photo prints shipped as a Mother’s Day gift to and from almost anywhere in the world!

Monogrammed Items

Bathrobes, suitcases, jewellery, clothing, makeup bags and even water bottles, pillows, shoes and phone cases… monogrammed items come in many forms and colors. What’s particularly interesting about these is that you get to pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift and to make it much more special by having it engraved. Initials are a very familiar choice, but if you’re feeling more inspired, a very personal message could work wonderfully too. The main difficulty here is to avoid falling into the trap of giving her something less unique simply because generic options are plentiful. Go for a gift you know she would really love of use, rather than leave in a corner somewhere.


If your Mom pretty much already has everything she might use or need and if her apartment is practically covered with countless pictures of her beloved kids, perhaps a physical gift may not be the best answer. Instead, you could organize an outing with the whole family to one of her favorite places. Booking a special trip just for her is also a great idea if you have the budget for it. Otherwise, a day at the spa, cooking or a gardening class, an evening at the theatre or at the cinema or even time out of your own busy schedule to spend the day together could be perfect. Chances are you probably know what her favorite activities are, but if you’re not sure which one to turn into a Mother’s Day gift, try asking her a few questions. If she’s expecting a bunch of flowers, she won’t see through it!


Because even if they maybe a little less unexpected, flowers have the merit of being very well suited for the occasion and perfectly customizable. A bunch of flowers is rather traditional, but not the only option. If she has a garden or just a small balcony, potted plants make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, which she will enjoy for years to come. Indoor plants also work if your Mom doesn’t have an outdoor area of her own. Even flower bulbs are a great pick as they are inexpensive and transform into beautiful flowers every single spring. Choose the varieties based on your Mom’s favorite colors and scents. Finally, if she likes cooking and gardening alike, a planter full of herbs could be the answer.