Personalized frames: the best gift for your other half

Personalized frames: the best gift for your other half

Why a Personalized Frame is a Perfect Gift for the One You Love

Personalized frames make photos stand out and turn them into an exciting statement piece. Unique, decorative, and fun, framed pictures have a story to tell and create absolutely amazing gifts. Yet, choosing one as a present to that special someone takes on even more significance. Here are a few reasons why they truly are one of the best options out there.


Personalized Frames Reflect How Much Your Loved One Inspires You

Because there is something intrinsically creative in picking the perfect photo or set of photos to design the most wonderful personalized frame, the result speaks to how important your muse is to you. Which does not mean that the picture itself needs to be of your significant other? It could portray yourself, a very special place to both of you, your pet, or any subject that could express your love. No one else has to get it, but your favorite person will. Displayed somewhere they can admire it all the time, your gift will be a constant reminder of what you share and of how precious it is to you.


Always Unique

Since you can feature any picture you want and opt for the finish and size of your choice (we have a soft spot for 3D pictures!), personalized frames are one-of-a-kind. This means that you could gift them several times and still make your other half happy with something completely new. Why not even create a series to decorate their home? You can never run out of ideas and, if you don’t have any pictures on hand, grab your camera or phone and get shooting!


Creative but Easy

While the results can be stunning, ordering a lovely personalized frame is incredibly easy. From uploading your pictures to selecting the measurements and the type of finish you’d like, the whole process only takes a few minutes. And, only a few days after placing your order, your significant other will receive their beautiful gift. Perfect for a last-minute present that still shows you’ve put in some real effort.


A Whole Story

Every picture you frame is still memory, a reminder of one of your best moments. Whenever you take a photo, the fraction of a second it immortalizes inscribes itself in an instant that lasted much longer, sometimes even an entire day. This photo of the two of you on your first date, for instance, will forever represent this important event that changed both of your lives. The same goes for the very first picture of a mother with her newborn baby or for the pics from your favorite vacation. The reminiscence they prompt is what makes them so special. For that reason, your personalized frame is sure to create a lot of happiness.


Perfect for Any Budget

Since there are so many options to choose from, you’re always sure the find the perfect one for your budget. Great gifts don’t have to be expensive, and personalized frames are so special that even if you go for the cheapest alternative, you will still be able to have an amazing present to give. Play around with the size, the finish, the cover type, etc. to decide on the one that’s just right for you.


A Gift They Can Make Theirs

Unlike food gifts, which will be consumed and soon forgotten, or books and various items only meant to be enjoyed once, framed pictures not only last forever, but they invite those who receive them to contribute their own creativity. Your other half will be able to truly make your present theirs by deciding where and how to display their very special personalized frame.