Photo wall: the details that make all the difference

Photo wall: the details that make all the difference

The Secret to Creating the Perfect Photo Wall

A photo wall can be an incredible statement piece and decorate your home in a completely unique way … if it’s done well and tastefully. As beautiful as it can be when perfectly executed, it may be difficult to find just the right layout to make this life-size collage truly pop. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can apply to create amazing results everyone will be jealous of!


The Perfect Place for Your Photo Wall

First things first, even if you can always adapt the proportions of your project to the space you have, some areas just more naturally lend themselves to making the ideal backdrop for a photo wall than others. For instance, a plain background will prevent the result from looking messy, while the space on the wall will have to match the number and size of your pictures.

Finally, make sure the series of photos you want to display is suitable for the room in question. Avoid fun pictures of your friends in your home office if you feel like they could be a distraction and prefer hanging more subtle artwork or inspirational quotes instead. Family photos will work wonderfully well in the sitting room, while nature shots bring a superb style to a bathroom.


Choose a Theme

It is always preferable to work with a central theme in mind to create a coherent ensemble. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to stick to only displaying pictures of your love ones, or artful black and white frames, or pics of your favorite animals. Instead, play around with similar ideas and try to maintain a certain consistency in the feelings you want your photo wall to evoke. Happiness, for example, is a very easy theme, because it allows you to incorporate wedding photos, your friends smiling together at the beach, your grandparents celebrating their anniversary… You could also opt for a more reflective mood and prefer black and white pictures of tender moments, or for something completely personal.


Pick the Right Style

Based on your theme and on the wall you’re decorating, you then get to choose your style, or layout.

For a classic look that works well with a space where you want to keep vertical lines, you could go for three rows of three portraits of the exact same dimensions. If you are creating a photo wall along a flight of stairs, you may also like to use vertical frames by arranging them side by side. Start with one slightly lower than the next as you go up to follow the natural line of the wall. If you are in love with the “messy” yet beautifully organized examples you may find all over Pinterest featuring seemingly uncoordinated pictures, you are not alone! This is achieved by working your way around one large frame which you will position onto your wall first. It is then a question or building “clusters” of smaller-sized photos to treat as one single element.


Have Fun

Before you commit to arranging your photo wall in a particular way, don’t hesitate to lay all your pictures down on the floor and to move them around until you find the result you’re looking for. This is especially important if you need to have them printed and framed before you can put them up on the wall. You could even print them out yourself onto regular paper (in low quality) just to get a sense of the dimensions you want for each one.


Ultimately, even when it doesn’t appear so at first glance, a beautiful photo wall is all about balance. If you manage to create equilibrium between size, theme, color and quantity, you will have the perfect combination for the most stunning results.