Summer decoration: Pops’ ideas to make your house summer-ready

Summer decoration: Pops’ ideas to make your house summer-ready

How to Decorate your House for the Summer?

Looking for some summer decoration inspiration? Pops gives you all the keys to a fresh and festive summer décor!

Winter is all about the cozy vibes and the warm, hot chocolate-like atmosphere. In summer, we crave more energy, more liveliness. Here are some of your favorite ideas to create all the vacation feels in your house.

Keep It Light

Save the deep, opulent hues for the cold weather and out with the whites and pastels! Summer decoration lends itself the coolness only lighter tones can promote. Don’t hesitate to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and to favor sand or cream linens, tablecloths, towels, throws and rugs. This will invite more light in and make the space feel much airier and brighter.

The Right Accessories

If you love hanging pictures around your home, now is the time to swap those Christmassy photos for the ones that are more compatible with your summer decoration. Think holidays at the beach, sunny landscapes, camping trips and water galore! Any room in the house could benefit from the addition of some perfectly chosen pics, so don’t hesitate to let the festive vibes they create be your inspiration!

Other options include flowers (sunflowers are such a treat!), plants, seashells and even fruits (why not lemons and oranges or exotic ?) to accessorize your house while evoking the vibrancy of the season.

Beach House Vibes

Nothing screams summer holidays quite like beach house accents, and it’s such an easy look to create! A few ropes here, a nautical map there, some sail-inspired drapes and a color palette in the whites and navy blues will give your home a very convincing coastal feel.

Revamp Your Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to make the most of it! Even a simple patio can transform into an inviting space for barbecues and long evenings with your friends if you pick the right summer decoration! Plenty of seating is a must, but don’t hesitate to make your outdoor furniture comfier by adding cushions and lightweight throws wherever you can.

Make your terrace or garden a wonderful place to be even at night by installing string lights everywhere and a fire pit. But be warned, visitors won’t ever want to leave!

A Festive Feel

For many, summer decoration should be all about partying and having fun. Why not dedicate a corner of your apartment or yard to a cocktail station, which you can also make into a true statement piece? It will make your home feel like a tropical island! Any piece of furniture even remotely reminiscent of a bar (or a large console) will work, so long as it ends up covered in bottles, glasses, lime wedges and little umbrellas. Everything you need to whip up the best drinks in style!

Inside and Out

Make your terrace or even your small balcony a whole new room by keeping the windows wide open and moving the couch, chairs and coffee tables around until the lines are blurred. This will not only create a larger space but turn your home into a perfect model of indoor-outdoor living. Who said you needed that outdoor kitchen? Just open everything up and bring the outside in!


But, most important of all, be sure to have some fun! After all, that’s what summer vacations are all about, and your summer decoration should reflect this highly uplifting state of mind. A little airing out, inviting tables to gather all your friends around and a bit of festiveness can be all you need to make your house summer-ready!