Travel souvenirs: turn them into cool decoration items

Travel souvenirs: turn them into cool decoration items

How to Turn your Travel Souvenir Into a Decoration Item?

Travel keepsakes come in countless forms. A trinket purchased by the beach, an unusual piece of nature such as a beautiful stone or floated wood and, of course, the many pictures you snapped over the course of your journey! Here are a few ideas to make the most out of your travel souvenir wonders.


This fun activity is a great option if you have accumulated many small travel souvenirs and a lot of pictures during your holidays. While a photo album can be nice, a beautiful college takes your artistic skills to the next level and allows you to get even more creative. The first step is to gather everything you brought back from your trip, such as maps, tickets, menus, small seashells, coasters, wrappers from local foods that you’d never tasted before...almost anything can be turned in a travel souvenir! Next, you’ll want to go through all the photographs you took.

If you can match them with the items you have previously laid out, you will immediately start to see how they could create an interesting piece of wall art. Have these pictures printed professionally to make sure they look the part? Why not even go the extra mile and order some 3D prints so they’ll literally pop out of your collage? While you wait for your photos, find a large sheet of construction paper or card. If you want to be able to move things around once in a while, go for a large corkboard (to pin all your items onto). A magnetic, blackboard-type frame may also be useful (if you opt for magnetic photos!).

Once you have everything you need, start arranging the pictures and the other elements together creating a timeline or following any logic you prefer! Don’t hesitate to add text or drawings using felt-tip pens or paint! Once you’re all done, hang your creation wherever you like.

Fridge Art

More ephemeral, a fridge collage is interesting because, in addition to sprucing up your kitchen, you will interact with it on a daily basis and be reminded of your unforgettable trip.

You may consider two options to turn your fridge into a travel souvenir: using small individual magnets to arrange your various components all over its surface or magnetic photo prints. The first solution requires one magnet for every element you want to display. Magnetic photos, however, don’t need anything else and they can also hold other items in place.


For slightly larger items or for a combination of sizes, a dedicated shelf may be the perfect solution. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to shelving. Whether you opt for a simple plank of wood fastened to a wall or for a more elaborate structure, your travel souvenirs will certainly be highlighted in the loveliest way. The wall itself or the back of the unit may also be used to pin photos onto and create an even more amazing display.

Keepsake Jar

Unlike boxes, jars have the merit of being see-through, which makes them perfect for keeping all your small holiday trinkets together in one place, where they can be decorative in their own right. Arrange the taller, larger items in the center and place the rest around them harmoniously, using a pair of tweezers and some glue if need be. If you really want to bring your souvenir jar to life, you can even order some mini 3D prints of your favorite photos and add them to your creation!

Once you’re done, put your jar somewhere you’ll be able to look at it any time you want to remember those very special moments.