Wedding souvenir: Keep those memories alive forever

Wedding souvenir: Keep those memories alive forever

What Cool Souvenirs from your Wedding to Live the Magic Forever?

Surely, the most magical moment of your life can’t be every day: that would take away from its specialness. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to continue experiencing a little bit of that wonder and merriment for years to come. Fortunately, wedding souvenirs fit the bill. They’re small pieces of that unforgettable day that rekindle that magic every time you look at them. Here are a few of the best mementos to keep the dream alive.

The Most Vivid Wedding Souvenir: Wedding Photos

We may be starting with the most obvious, but is there really a better way to relive every detail of those precious moments? From photo albums to large 3D tiles, small, wallet-sized prints, fridge magnets and even 3D jigsaw puzzles, you don’t have to stick to just one type of picture either! That way, your pictures will follow you wherever you go, and you will be able to find comfort in them at a second’s notice.

Be sure to have a photographer (or a very talented cousin!) cover every aspect of the event, not just the ceremony itself. Having the best photos framed or turned into an awesome 3D print is a must, but no wedding album is complete without pictures of the venue, the guests, the party and even the cake, too!

Wedding Favors: The Original Wedding Souvenir

As wedding souvenirs go, wedding favors are a big deal. What’s cool about them is that they’re not just for the bride and groom: they’ll make everyone else happy as well. Depending on your particular choice, you may be able to save the item itself or simply the box or packaging it came in. From sweets to drinks all the way to potted plants (which are a pretty great symbol of growth, in fact), key rings, coasters … whatever yours were, make sure you don’t give all of them away!

You could even pick your wedding favors with the full intent of turning them into keepsakes, so remember to plan accordingly.

A Souvenir from the Venue

No doubt your wedding took place somewhere amazing enough to be memorable. And there’s always something you can bring back that is so unique no one would ever guess it’s a wedding souvenir. A jar full of sand, a pebble or a seashell from your beach wedding, a flower from your beautiful countryside venue, a leaf from the forest that bore witness to your vows … the list goes on! The only downside with this one is that you need to think ahead and remember to pick up your small treasure before you head home.

The Wedding Cake

Perhaps a bit more unusual: did you know that some like to save a piece of that once-in-a-lifetime cake and keep it in the freezer forever? Yes, it’s a thing! You could perhaps eat it on your first-year anniversary (though we do not advise doing it past that point!) or just leave it there as a reminder.

As wedding souvenirs go, however, perhaps it makes more sense to save the little bride and groom that sat atop the cake in question.

A Smile

Us, cheesy? Never! Or maybe just a little. In all seriousness, one of the absolute best wedding souvenirs you may have is each other. Knowing that you get to be with the person who brings you the most joy in the entire world is very special indeed. So, next time you want to remember that wonderful day, just sit together and reminisce about your most treasured moments. Those funny anecdotes, how excited you were and everything else that will forever be a part of your most cherished memories…