Work office decoration: make your work space a better place

Work office decoration: make your work space a better place

How to Personalize your Work Office?

There’s nothing quite like a pleasant office to make you want to work, or at least more than you normally would. Yet, so many workspaces are depressingly dull, as if a touch of color and personality would steer our attention away from productivity. While the utilitarian look may be perfectly fulfilling for some, work office decoration is an important part of a balanced professional life.

With that said, inspiration is another matter. So, here are a few ideas to help you create your dream office and to bring a little life into a sometimes sterile space.


It doesn’t get much livelier than an actual piece of nature! Plants come in many forms and colors and their individual requirements vary so much that you’re bound to find the right one to spruce up your work office decoration. If you’re lucky enough to have a bright room at your disposal, orchids offer some of the most delicate shapes in the plant kingdom and some varieties are very easy to care for. For darker rooms, snake plants or peace lilies are perfect, and they have the added benefit of combatting indoor pollution. If you work in a small cubicle and only have a modest desk corner to dedicate to your work office decoration, a tiny succulent or an air plant hanging off the side of your screen will be ideal.


Who better than your favorite people to bring a smile to your face and to support you through hours of office work? The best thing about pictures is that you can get away with displaying quite a lot of them and switch them for new ones whenever you like. If you opt for a very small format, such as Pops’ 3D Mini Prints, you could employ them to surround your screen or create a sizeable collage to use as a desk blotter. A little blackboard will act as a great prop for 3D magnetic prints which you will be able to swap and move around as often as you choose. Larger prints, such as Pops’ Large Tiles, are perfect to hang onto a wall from where they will liven up the entire room.

You can decide to display pictures of those you love, holiday photos as a little reminder that there’s always another vacation around the corner or any other subjects you know will bring you joy.


Whether or not you are an artist yourself, there is something about works of art that simply evokes taste and refinement all while creating a unique vibe within a space. Wall art is always great, but a small sculpture, clay model, figurine or souvenir you may have brought back from somewhere special can be just as lovely. Art makes for particularly pleasant work office decoration because it is both very personal and sufficiently low-key to be acceptable in most situations. Sometimes, even a simple frame with an uplifting quote can be just what a space needs for that extra bit of motivation.


Nobody enjoys working in a dull, dark space. If you are lucky enough to have a window, utilize it as part of your work office decoration by keeping the curtains or blinds fully open and the glass perfectly clean.

Lamps are also particularly important and can, in and of themselves, become a true component of your work office decoration because they come in many shapes and colors. Some are classic and elegant, others bubbly and colorful, while some are sleek and modern. Multiple sources or light always create a much more comfortable atmosphere, compensating for the brightness of a computer screen with a pleasant and lively glow.