Your lockdown experience: 3 ways to share it with your friends

Your lockdown experience: 3 ways to share it with your friends

3 Fun Ideas to Share Your Lockdown Experience with Your Friends

Lockdown has got you down? Why not make the best of it and try to think about the highlights of this period spent cooped up at home? Sure, it’s not easy every day, but there are times when a little imagination goes a long way when it comes to creating happy moments.

We all have our own methods of dealing with such a complex situation but, fortunately, connecting with friends in a fun and creative fashion is simpler than ever before. Here are three ideas to reach out to your friends and share your lockdown experience with them.


Take Pictures

Everyone has their very own lockdown experience, personal and unique. Documenting our day-to-day activities by snapping a few pics whenever it feels right is a great idea to create an interesting account of how this different way of life is affecting you. You could share these pics on social media or send them to your friends via your favorite messaging app. You could also save the most compelling ones and design a full album or collage of your days in quarantine. Our 3D prints are especially well suited to this kind of project!

While it is definitely interesting to take quick pictures with your phone’s camera for very candid results, nothing is stopping you from staging something a little more elaborate, though. Whether you choose to express how your lockdown experience is making you feel through artful food compositions or by dressing up your pets (make sure they’re OK with that first, of course), options truly are endless. And, if you’ve achieved a particularly convincing photo, why not join a challenge on your favorite social media platform? You could invite all your friends to participate too.


Call Them

Phone calls are great, but we now have much better options! Using your phone or even your laptop to set up a video call with all your best friends is ridiculously easy and promises some really fun times. Keeping each other updated on your respective lockdown experiences is the perfect way to stay in touch and to support one another if need be. You could also play a board game (or an online game!) remotely, cook together, have dinner, watch a movie or just hang out, all thanks to a simple Internet connection and a messaging app. Skype has been around for a long time and has the merit of supporting groups of up to 50 people. WhatsApp is another free smartphone app through which you can interact with your friends using a video interface and send them audio files, videos and pictures. Zoom is an option many have taken a liking to during these times of social distancing. While originally a business tool, it’s really quite user-friendly, and you can even share your screen with other participants.


Write to Them

Good, old-fashioned writing can be an incredible tool to share your lockdown experience with your friends or with the world. Once again, there are many ways to do it. Sending a letter is just one of those activities we simply don’t do anymore, which is a great reason to try, if only to do something completely different. Plus, you can add a nice picture or a card to the envelope, which is sure to surprise your friends.

Another option is to write your lockdown experience down in the form of a journal. This could be a paper notebook to show your friends later or, for a more immediate take on it, why not start a blog? You could invite those you love to read it whenever they like and, who knows, many people may find it very interesting too.