Hi, welcome to Pops!
We are a tech photo-printing start up. We print the unprintable, motion and 3D!

Pops was founded here on January 2016, in New York.

Our goal was to find a new way of keeping our memories alive. By mixing lenticular printing with the latest technologies we started to print Boomerangs on paper - 28 images in a single print revealing motion.  

Now, we’re building the future of photography by combining AI photography and machine learning to create depth maps for any photo. This allows you to rediscover all your best memories in 3D. 
By holding a new dimension in your hands, we believe you'll make Pops the new standard of photography.



We’re 15 people from all over the world: Italy, France, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa & the US 🌎 🌍
The 3 founders Antoine, Xavier and Paul-Antoine are best friends from high-school. Since then, they created two companies, gotten a dog, made babies and surrounded themselves with creatives & engineers!  

Jeremy - The one who goes to the gym all the time
David - The one who doesn’t appear on any photo
Valentin - The one who can find any information on the Internet
Virginia - The one who is always laughing (or crying)
Wassim - The one who always has a question to ask
Bharat - The one who can sing and whistle 
Danea - The 
one who can handle 3 times more pepper than anyone
François - The one who loves Mustangs but comes to the office on scooter
Alvynn - The one who brings fruits to the office
Marco - The one who never refuses a pizza
Matthieu - The one learned to speak Japanese in a couple of months
Rachel - The one who 
has the coolest english accent ever
Quentin -The one who can find data on anything, anywhere, anytime

And together we blend like the best smoothie!

Come shape the future of photography with us. 
We are all under 35 (not for long, but still), working in a duplex in the center of Paris.

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