Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here at Pops (Aloa, Inc.) we are committed to protect your privacy and data as far as we can. We have updated this policy to be compliant with GDPR, the new EU regulation that protects EU citizens' data. We believe that all our customers should have the same rights as EU citizens.

What data do we collect?

When you sign in to Pops apps, there is certain information you provide us:

  • If you register from Facebook we only save your email address, your name and your profile picture
  • If you register from your phone number we only save your phone number
  • If you register from email we only save your email

When you make an order on Pops apps there is certain information you provide us to complete your order. Here is the list :

  • Name, address and email address in your shipping info
  • The files you ordered for printing (videos, photos)
  • If you’re registered, we store your shipping address, which is linked to your account
  • If you’re registered, we store a token to link your card with Stripe (our secure payment processor)

When navigating on Pops apps, we store anonymized Google Analytics information about how you navigate our app which we may use to make our services better.

How do we store your data?

Your emails, shipping address, telephone numbers, order history, and files are stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This storage platform is trusted and used by companies like Netflix, Tumblr and Pinterest. It uses TLS encryption to secure your data during transmit and stores it on servers that require cutting edge biometric authentication to access. Only a handful of trusted Pops employees can access this data.

Why do we store your data?

When you place an order, we store your information to process and deliver your order.

How long do we store your data?

If you are registered:

  • We store your name, email, profile picture, shipping address or telephone number indefinitely until you delete your account.
  • We store your card token indefinitely. You can delete it from the “Manage card” screen in your profile

If you are not registered, we do not keep your card information.

If you place an order, we store your files (photos, videos) and order data (email, shipping address) indefinitely. Your order might be lost or damaged. In that case, we need to reprint it upon your request.

How can I update my information?

You can update shipping address and email from your cart. If you are registered, you can update your profile picture from your profile. If you want to update order information after placing an order, you can contact our customer services:

How can I delete my data?

We can delete all information associated with you and your order(s) please contact us at:

What information are not collected by Pops?

  • Your payment information is handled by our payment partner Stripe. We never see your full card details. Stripe is an industry-leading online payment processor and you can read about them and their comprehensive security measures here.
  • Your account passwords are fully handled by Google Firebase.
  • We do not collect any files that you do not select for printing.

What third-parties can access my data?

We share your information with the following third parties in order to complete your order:

  • Our trusted printers based in France in order to print your photos.
  • Our payment partner Stripe (privacy policy) in order to proceed your payment.
  • Our storage provider Amazon Web Service (privacy policy) in order to store your photos and order information.
  • La Poste (privacy policy) in order to ship your order.
  • Mailchimp/Mandrill to send you emails about your order, and news of sales, new products, etc. (privacy policy)
  • Intercom in order to answer all your questions and manage our chats! (privacy policy).
  • Google Analytics (privacy policy) and Facebook Analytics (privacy policy) to see if any of our marketing initiatives actually work .

We never rent or sell your information and files to any other third-parties (e.g. advertisers, data brokers, journalists, external businesses, deities, your disapproving relatives) and we will never otherwise share your data.

Photo content and copyright

With regard to photo content, we will print what you send us for printing. You are responsible for ensuring that the content of your photos does not violate copyright or transgress laws in your country.