3D Custom Puzzle

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Staying inside has inspired us and we’ve dreamed up these fun and original jigsaw puzzles. Build memories in a completely unique way and design amazing gifts out of your best pictures. Arrange a gallery using 8 photos imported from your phone or computer and make up a beautiful collage to relive your happiest moments with friends and family every time you put together your personalized puzzle!

Pops’ 3D jigsaw puzzles are made entirely by you, for you and your loved ones!

  • 8 vertical pictures
  • 187 pieces
  • Size: 31,5 x 42cm
  • Playing Time: 1-3 hours
  • Players: Unlimited

Create timeless experiences with your loved ones as you play your very own version of this age-old favorite game.

Production time is up to 48 hours.

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DHL Express - 2-3 working days (20€)

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Strict health regulations have been implemented in our factory, at customs as well as for our carriers. Deliveries in Europe may be slightly delayed.
Money-back guarantee.

As your Pops are personalised memories, you can't return them if you don't want them anymore.

However, if there was a printing problem from our lab or if your Pops are damaged, please contact our support team within 30 days. We'll offer you an immediate refund or reprint.

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How to get the best 3D effect?

A great background

Depth effect comes from the combination of a focused subject (you or your loved ones) and a beautiful background (your garden, the Golden Gate bridge). 

Color contrast

Play with the colors – for even more striking results, create a color contrast. Our Instagram community shares lots of ideas. Join us to discover some very cool examples.

Elements in the foreground

The results can be even more spectacular if you include more elements in the foreground – maximise depth effect with elements that’ll pop out of the frame!

What’s the secret behind Pops’ 3D picture prints?

Thanks to the magic of stereoscopy, the slightest jiggle of your 3D photo prints produces an optical illusion and brings your images to life.
1. Import your digital photos from your favourite albums: Instagram, Facebook, Google Photo, Dropbox,...
2. Pops creates a depth map associated with your photo. Our secret recipe works with any photo!
3. Once printed, the background looks far far away and the subject literally pops out of the frame!